Quickly make a quiz, test or worksheet using our test-making tool

Our extensive question library contains high-quality questions tailored for different Maths courses.

You can either create a digital test and make the most of our auto-marked questions, or print out a pen-and-paper test. All our questions come complete with markschemes.

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Exam.net Maths

A question library tailored to your course

Access to thousands of high-quality Maths questions

The questions in our library have been written by a team of highly-qualified Maths teachers with many years' experience of IB, GCSE, IGCSE and A level courses.

After choosing the relevant course, you can easily find specific topics and then select appropriate questions. Within each topic you will find a variety of question types covering a range of levels of difficulty.

Exam.net Maths - quick demo

Exam.net Maths

Make and conduct a test

Use our secure digital test environment

You can choose to conduct your exams digitally or with paper-and-pen. Exam.net is our examination platform for conducting digital and secure assessments. The platform has many useful tools for Math tests, like:

  • Calculator
  • Geogebra
  • Formula sheet
  • Drawing tool

Exam.net is offering a 75-day free trial for the whole school, so you can conduct the exams created in Exam.net Math digitally. Exam.net Maths remains free for all teachers to use to access the Question Library, create tests and print out on paper or export them to pdf.

Exam.net Maths

Marking and feedback

Digital feedback at the click of a button

If you run an auto-marked test digitally you can see the students’ marks directly after they hand in, and then easily export them to Google Classroom, for example.

You can also email the students’ results to them individually with a single click!

Exam.net Maths

Access arrangements for students

Adjust the test to help students with learning challenges

Within the digital test environment it’s easy to extend the writing time for certain students as well as make more specific adjustments individually.

Our accessibility tools for students with reading and writing difficulties include, for example

  • Dictionary
  • Speech synthesis
  • Translator

All this (and more!) within a secure digital environment with in-built cheat prevention.

Exam.net Maths

Sample practice tests

Ready-made tests based on prior learning for your course

These ready-made tests contain questions based on prior learning topics and can be used as a diagnostic test at the start of the term. You can find them under My Tests ready for you, once you have signed in.

These tests are also designed to introduce your students to the different question types and the many functions and features of the Exam.net digital test environment.

In addition, these sample tests show you the structure and layout of tests that have been made using our question library - you can even try out the auto-marked one yourself.

Example of a digital auto-marked test run in Exam.net

Example of a pen-and-paper test to print out as a pdf


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